Customer care and personalized service are at the core of our business. From flight itineraries and hotel bookings to budget management tools and travel policy consultation, Crest Travel provides an extensive array of corporate services and dedicated resources at your disposal. With more than 30 years running, our experienced and efficient team will ensure a safe, smooth and pleasant travel, granting you and your staff the peace of mind to focus solely on your Company's agenda. Learn more.
These are common services offered to our corporate clients. Speak with us regarding your custom requirements and special arrangements.
Abacus Easi Manager
Gain all the benefits and conveniences of CRS (Computer Reservation System) Technology with the Abacus Easi Manager. It features automatic updating via quick and easy access, eliminating repetition and manual tracking of itinerary changes. Invoices, receipts and reports can be easily generated, facilitated by tight integration between back office systems and frontend modules.

Management Information System Reporting
Effectively manage your travel budgeting and control with our customised M.I.S. reports, such as dollar expenditure reports by cost centres, destination, dates, periods, budgets, etc. Save invaluable time otherwise spent on administrative work (eg. processing reconciliation and verification of invoice authorisation). Our consolidated reports will definitely increase your efficiency, big or small corporate accounts alike.

Air Fares Cost Management
Obtain the lowest available air fares for your itinerary. Arrangements for viable alternatives can be made instantly, in view of the proposed air fares being unsuitable (eg. timing, duration or connection constraints).

Your corporate travel policy will at all times be strictly enforced, and its value maximised. In the event of its inadequacy, we will assist you in evaluating and redesigning your policy.

24-Hour Support
Gain 24/7 access to our Travel Centre, 365 days a year. Also, all our Duty Reservations Managers have mobile access to our systems, allowing immediate support for your urgent requests.

Customer Care Service
Be greeted with personalized service and great customer care. A Customer Service Manager is assigned to service each Company.

Travel Documentation
On your behalf, we can undertake visa, passport and other travel documentation. Daily dispatch and collection are carried out to and from your offices or homes.

SIA Tripartite Scheme
Enjoy direct rebates from Singapore Airlines via the SIA Tripartite Program. Crest Travel will assist your Company to be registered under this Scheme. Contact us for more information.

Worldwide Corporate Hotel Program
Stay at any hotel on our list and benefit from Crest Travel's corporate and wholesale rate for business class hotels, worldwide welcome services, express check-in, early check-in, late check-out, message, etc. Simply inform us in advance and we will be able to make all the necessary arrangements.

Travel Protection Plan
Enjoy travel insurance protection with one of the highest coverage:
$500,000 for International Flights
$100,000 for Domestic/Regional Flights to Malaysia & Brunei

In the event of flight inconveniences, the following compensations can be claimed:
$200 for flight misconnection
$500 for lost luggage
$200 for delayed luggage

VIP Service Plan
Ensure your VIP is always comfortable and warmly received. Whether it is a request for flight confirmation, P.R.O. assistance, meet and greet upon arrival, pre-registration at the hotel, limousine arrangements or luggage assistance, let us know and we will see to it accordingly.