Planning a trip is easy. Try it!
We open our lives to education wherever we go. The places we visit become our classrooms, inspiring learning with every step, igniting our curious minds. The people we meet become our teachers, connecting us to the soul of their land, imbuing us with fascinating insight. Such personal encounters have immeasurably enriched and transformed our lives, and they will for you, too. Learn more.
These are samples from numerous trips our team has facilitated. Speak with us to find out how an educational tour can be customised to your objectives and budget.
"All the world's a classroom"
— adapted from Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’
We are deeply passionate about educational travel. We delight in seeing minds opened and horizons broadened. Our commitment to education guarantees that your global classroom is equipped with the best available resources.

With your specific objectives and budget in mind, we can design a comprehensive programme that incorporates plenty of fun, interaction and learning opportunities, all the while taking the greatest care to ensure safe and smooth travel.

Planning an educational tour comes easily and naturally to us. We have assembled a team of specialists that brings to Crest more than 20 years of experience in customising travel programmes for schools. Whether it’s an exchange programme, a cultural immersion, a community immersion programme (CIP), a study or competition tour, you can trust our capable staff, reliable overseas partners and operators to see to all the planning logistics while you focus solely on the programme and students.

Our strength is in organizing highly technical visits that involve tight co-ordination between Government agencies, academics institutions and our network of reliable partners. Our performing groups tours involve transporting delicate equipment, scheduling complex multi-city performances, or travelling to lesser-known, out-of-the-way cities.

We have facilitated numerous theme-based tours that focus on areas such as Music, Arts and Culture, History, Social issues (such as Environmental Protection & Ageing Population), Science, Innovation & Technology, Media studies, and International Politics and Economics. More about our team here.

Destination-based tours have taken students to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the USA, Canada and Europe. While international music competitions and arts festivals have brought students to far-flung cities such as Llangollen, Oskarshamn, Tampere, Arnhem, Sardinia, Oberammergau, Lake Garda, Olomouc, Edinburgh, Budapest, Vienna, Montreal, San Francisco, Kumamoto, Nagoya and Nara. With our expertise in handling their specialized requirements and equipment logistics, performing groups are able to give unwavering attention to their performance and schedule.